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Prints Charming

Posted on Apr 23, 2014

In total contrast to the sleek masculine designs I posted about yesterday, I am also busily working on projects with a decidedly softer, blousier look. I have always adored prints, and the pattern-play of mixing and matching and mis-matching is one of the most fun parts of the job. It’s not a look for everyone, I admit – but then, what is?

These beautiful bedrooms layered in patterns of red and white are just charming….


An office and a gentleman

Posted on Apr 22, 2014

I was recently asked by a very good friend of mine if I would help design her husband’s office. Of course I jumped at the chance. As much as I adore pretty interiors – pink, scalloped edges, florals and all; I was ready to get my teeth into a masculine and slightly harder edged look, so this was the perfect opportunity. My friend’s husband flies high in the legal world, so the office needs to be serious as well as seriously smart.

I’m pleased with the design plans (style board shown below) which draw inspiration from this collection of beautiful (in a smart masculine way!) of offices & thought I’d share it with you. Dark walls, pale ceiling and carpet teamed with sleek masculine furniture (although not too much black leather and chrome – it’s all about layering textures: wool, wood, metal, etc)….. I think it’s a great combination.

Spring flowers

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

This time of year is heavenly…… All the flowers have started to appear in the gardens and the florists’ offerings are better than ever – swathes of tulips in every candy colour, bunches of fragrant daffodils and narcissi, some late blossoming hyacinths and  of course bunches and bunches of pussy willow and cherry blossom. The urge to take home small posies and freshly picked bunches is too hard to resist; and why would you when flowers add so much amazing colour & life to a room?

Easter time is the very early start of summer as far as I’m concerned & the perfect time to fill the home with pretty flowers whether you’re entertaining or not. I came home from the flower market with 3 bunches of tulips (2 pink, 1 white) and an enormous arrangement of haphazardly mixed daffodils today which I have arranged and placed around the house – & they brighten up every room (you can take a look & see for yourself on my Instagram)

Have a lovely bright & beautiful Easter weekend!

Deco decor

Posted on Apr 8, 2014

I saw this fabulous bathroom on Pinterest the other day & added it to my bathroom inspiration file straight away. That ceiling light! I love this style of art deco style flush ceiling light – they look so glamorous.

Fancy one for yourself? At the top end of the scale, Vaughan do a really fantastic version – I love the nickel finish but they are available in other finishes too:

But there’s also this one from Jim Lawrence, which comes in at a very affordable price point.

Just fantastic!

Sarah Jessica Parker’s house….

Posted on Mar 14, 2014

Did you see the Vogue video interview with Sarah Jessica Parker? It’s a speedy 5 minute whip through of 73 fairly light hearted irreverent questions, but the sassy thing about it is that it’s shot at SJP’s brownstone home in NYC & we get an inadvertent tour of a few rooms – cue me glued to YouTube!

You can see the tour (and the interview, of course) by clicking on the link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL2B5AE51E1FA2530F&v=W511rtnnlZM

I also attempted to take some stills from the interview so we could dissect the details….

OK, first up: The main door & entry hall:

“Hello, I’m Sarah Jessica – won’t you come in to my lovely house for a snoop?”

- why thank you Sarah Jessica, yes, yes we will.

Black gloss front door, white & black hallway with kerrrrazy black/white/gold retro stair runner. Cute little white table with ceramics and gorgeous slightly retro looking brass lamp & black lampshade. Smart but kinda kooky too.

Here’s a better shot of the table:

The mirror above the table looks like it’s a glass frame – gorgeous! And a huge scented candle too. Love it.

At the other end of the hall is another cute little table:

Another lamp (great work SJP – hallways are almost always under-lit), this time in black with a pretty pale blue silk shade and a bunch of photo frames. Homely…. I like it. And what’s that in the bottom LHS of the photo? Baby gates! Yes, SJP is a real live human being who uses useful mundane things such as baby gates. Presumably to keep her shoe collection at bay.

OK – now for the sitting room area – brace yourselves for kooky awesomeness:

Ladies & gentlemen, we have an olive green velvet sofa (one of my favourite choices for sofas is green velvet – big tick!), a pink leopard print ottoman (just visible in the RHS bottom corner), green walls, brass bar cart full to the brim of amazingness, bookcases stacked to the ceiling, and a huge cabinet with globe lights perched on top of it.

And here’s a glimpse through to the adjoining room, which is accessed via this amazing archway which hides pocket sliding doors. I like the paired floor lamps which peek above the back of the sofa – the perfect height for reading. The girl’s got it all figured out….

And so here’s the adjoining room, which I suppose was once designed to be a dining room but is now a pingpong/sitting room/piano room/art showcase. Note the stacks of art – I love how it’s propped up along the walls on top of piles of books, & I like the fab light box/floor lamp which gives off a homely glow but has a really modern vibe.

More art, and that ping pong table:

You can see from this shot how the green theme carries (ha – no pun intended) through to the front of the house, but whereas in the sitting room at the back of the house where it’s naturally darker she has a deep hue on the walls, and at the front where it’s light, it’s all bright & white. Check out the giant floor lamp in the LH corner.

This shot shows the furnishings – white & green floral on the sofa, another floral/leaf motif on the coffee table, and a chartreuse throw. Pale rug, white walls, white art and a fabulous white lamp & white shade.

And this just kills me – check out the colour on the side of that door which leads back into the hallway. Turquoise! I am guessing the whole back of those doors is turquoise so when the doors are closed the room is a feast for the eyes in white, chartreuse, olive & turquoise. Killer combo.

I love SJP’s expression here – she looks pleased with herself, and so she should do with a fab home like this!